The building...has a rather low-pitched roof with a good classic cornice on the front. The cornice at the rear is of the older type. The front door is also of classic design with a many-lighted toplight over it, but it does not seem to be original and replaces an older one of the same type. There are two windows of eighteenth century date on each side of the door in each story, and one over the door. This is shorter than the others. The chimney, topped out with brick, comes through the roof behind the ridge.


   The fully carpentered timber frame, erected on six, two-story wall posts, enclosed a hall on the ground floor and a full-size bedchamber above.  A stone walled half cellar under the hall was entered from a trap door in the floor. The steeply pitched roof covered a spacious garret in the attic. A chimney, most probably of stone, shared an eight foot chimney bay with an entrance lobby and a stair or ladder in the northwest corner...
There may or may not have been a second hearth in the chamber. Outside the walls were clad with narrow, riven clapboards.


Photo by Haroon Samnani
Photo by Haroon Samnani