The original house (is) a single room affair two stories high. Here the summer and the chimney girt are very heavy, especially so for a Connecticut house, and the chamfer stops are very good...The posts are very heavy, and the joists also are quite large.  This room boarded vertically with very interesting mouldings at the joints.


   Lee, a prosperous farmer, could afford to cover all four walls of his hall with shadow molded vertical sheathing, which he painted red. The ceiling beams and joists were blacked...(L)arge sections of all four walls in the hall have survived 300 years in their original condition including the first and only coat of red paint on the planks in the hall. Voids in the sheathing establish the location of a single small window in the south wall on each floor...Sash windows, installed later, obliterated all evidence of additional casements in the north front wall and perhjaps the east gable as well. As is typical in the Connecticut River Valley, an outside door opened directly from the hall through the east gable.


Judgement Hall
Photo by Haroon Samnani