The Lee House Beam
The Beam is In!

   For the last few years, a 25 foot hand-hewn beam, cut by our friend Greg Bill of Lyme, Connecticut, has been behind the barn next to the Thomas Lee House, drying and weathering in prepartion for its installation in the second floor East room of the house, to replace the original, but badly deteriorating, beam. Due to the unusually moist weather the last few years, the beam acquired the appearance we were hoping for.

   The cost of replacing the beam, estimated to be in the neighborhood of $20,000, was funded in part by donations from members of the Society and friends, by purchases of copper name tags to be attached to the beam, and by a grant of $5000 through Thomas and Nancy Kalal.

   The Board of Directors felt that the summer of 2014, which marks the 100th anniversary of the purchase of the Thomas Lee House by the East Lyme Historical Society, was an appropriate time to move forward with the replacement.  Early New England Restorations was hired to remove the old beam and install the new one.  The project was done in the month of July.

   The East Lyme Historical Society is grateful to all of those who contributed generously to this project, and would like to express its appreciation for the excellent work done by the Early New England Restorations.

These images depict the removal of the original beam and the process of replacing it with a new beam. The final image (immediately above) is of the name tags purchased by our generous supporters.


Photos courtesy of Bruce Solomkin and Liz Kuchta