In the western room on the first floor, the ancient parlor, the summer is cased and there is some good paneling on the chimney breast. The walls and ceiling are plastered....The framing of this room, however, is entirely independent of that of the Hall, and is butted up against the latter.


   (I)n 1704/5 the house was enlarged with a typical New England addition of a parlor and parlor chamber on the other side of the chimney bay...Doubling the size of the house in this manner always raised the problem of doubling the chimney to provide fireplaces in the new rooms. Here the builders took the drastic solution of tearing down the old stack and rebuilding it relocate the stairway.

   (The parlor) may have been sheathed with the feather-edge vertical planks, some of which may have been reused sixty years later when the lean-to was built and fielded panels were installed in the parlor and parlor chamber.


Photo by Haroon Samnani
Photo by Haroon Samnani